Meeting Turkmenistan 25-26 August 2011 Ashgabat

The EMCA and GEM concepts, including the plans for their implementation and cooperation have been presented at the international exhibition “Turkmen Construction - 2011” and the scientific conference “Development of construction Industry of Turkmenistan”.  The coordinator of EMCA, PD Dr. Habil Stefano Parolai, was a member of the presidium of the conference, together with the Turkmenistan Minister of Construction J. Bayramov and the Ministry of Construction Material B. Italmazov.

An interview with Dr, Parolai about the EMCA initiative was released to the WATAN TV and shown in the news of 21:00.

Meetings with the director of The Scientific Research Institute of Seismic-resistance Construction, Dr. Ilyasov, and the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of  Sciences of Turkmenistan, Dr. Charyev, were held to plan future activities, and to strengthen scientific cooperation in seismic risk assessment, mitigation and monitoring.




The coordinator of the EMCA initiative, PD Dr. Habil Stefano Parolai, reporting on the concepts of EMCA at scientific conference “Development of construction Industry of Turkmenistan”, held in Ashgabat, August 2011.



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